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Hedge fund loans:  For corporations seeking alternative lending. Deal sizes from 10 million to 1 billion dollars.  These are the best hedge funds and investment bank in the marketplace. 
Monetize BG, SBLC, Bonds, MTN's, CD's, and Annuities.
                                       Bank Debentures
A + Paper
25 Top Tier Banks
Coupon Start at- 4% and go up…
The ‘Securitization Fund, can ‘Customize, ‘Structure’, and ‘Tailor’ any type of ‘Bond/note’ for the ‘Client/Buyer’ needs.
Note is delivered on any Screen, ‘EURO CLEAR’, ‘BLOOMBERG’, ‘BRUSSELS’ and or ‘International Bonded Courier’. 
         As per bank solicitation compliance laws, no one can connect with the CEO of the fund without first talking to the (IC) & signing the ‘Non Solicitation Letter’
Step 1:
1) We first have a (KYC) introduction call with the Buyer.
2) We then issue a ‘Non Solicitation Letter’. (Legal Protocol)
3) After we receive the signed Non Solicitation Letter’, we get on a call with the Buyer and the CEO of ‘Securitization Fund.’
4)  The buyer will receive a ‘Purchase Order’- Followed by an ‘Indicative Term Sheet’ & ‘Application’-From the Bank.
All of the Elements of the Assets-(i.e. Screen Shot/Numbers) and Structure are in the ‘Indicative Term Sheet’.
4) Settlement is -ALWAYS-Bank to Bank/Trade Desk to Trade Desk & POF is -ALWAYS-Bank to Bank.
I am direct to the ‘Securitization Fund' 

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